Hire Freelance Web Developer

Why Hire a Freelance Web Developer ?

Let's face it, the main reason is to save money. By hiring a freelance web developer, instead of a web agency, you are hiring the talent directly, and avoid paying the project manager, the CEO, the cleaning lady and the rest of the overhead. Even if you have sufficient budget to hire an agency, there are still advantages to going with a freelancer. As opposed to working with a web agency, where a developer has nearly no relationship with the client, you will be able to work directly with the designer to achieve just the results you are looking for. Working with a freelance web developer inevitably yields faster and greater results, because there is only one person for the work to go through. Would you rather call one person or call ten people ?

Why choose me ?

Before I start your web project, I will discuss your specific need and requirements, I will think carefully what the best way of presenting your business is and I will let you know how long approximately the project will take.

I constantly keep myself up to date with all the latest software's and design practices. Your website will not only look good on the surface, but under the hood it will be programmed using the latest web standards.

After your web project is finished, anytime you need help with your web site in any terms, I will be there for advice and for any help I can deliver.

How much does he cost?

Prices for my services and time frames depend on a complexity of work and required work load. Therefore, please contact me and provide a detailed information about your project needs. Then shall discuss the details and find advantageous conditions.

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